Shirlene Quigley, Lizzo’s dance captain took to Instagram to post a video where she says ‘glory to God’ after she and the singer were slammed with a lawsuit from three of Lizzo’s former dancers, accusing the duo of sexual harassment, body shaming and creating a hostile work environment.

Here is the video:

“Hey everybody. God is so so good. God loves you so so so so so so so much. No matter what you’re going through. Even if you don’t love him, he loves you. Glory to God. I just want to remind you that he is love, he is truth, he is the light. He is the first and the last. All things work together for those that are called together according to his purpose. I just feel so blessed. I feel so thankful. I feel so full of joy,” she said in the video.

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She further added, ” I had an amazing time on tour with amazing people. Ans I’m so excited to be home resting with my family and my dog after an amazing experience. I just want to tell everyone that God loves you, I love you. Glory to God. I hope you’re smiling and you feel joy. No matter where you are at, or what you are going through. I’m telling you God loves you. Bye.”

A lawsuit filed against the songstress on Tuesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court by three of Lizzo’s former dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, Noelle Rodriguez, allege that Quigley proselytized to other performers and derided those who had premarital sex. She also reportedly shared lewd sexual fantasies with the members of the team, simulated oral sex and discussing openly about the virginity of one of the plaintiffs.

After finding out that Davis was a virgin, she discussed the subject in interviews and posted about it on social media, the suit said.

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The opposite happened with Noelle Rodriguez, who was considered a “non-believer” by Quigley and was continually pressured to accept Christianity. Quigley allegedly declared: “No job and no one will stop me from talking about the Lord.”

It has not been confirmed if Lizzo was aware of the allegations brought against Quigley. However, Ron Zambrano, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs said that the singer was aware of their complaints about her.