‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ zips back to the first spot in the US box office, reclaiming it from ‘Scream’, after spending a weekend in the second spot. The Sony juggernaut showed also made history, becoming the sixth highest-grossing film of all time, globally. 

In its sixth weekend at the box office, the Tom Holland starring movie topped North American charts, making a total of $14.1 million. Globally, it has raked in around $1.7 billion, which puts it past the cumulative earnings of both Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood defining film, ‘Jurassic Park’, and the Disney classic ‘The Lion King’. The new ‘Spider-Man’ movie has also become the fourth biggest release in North America ever, making a whopping $721 million. 

In fact, ‘Spider-Man’ amassed so much popularity, that Saturday Night Live decided to poke fun with a skit, where James Austin Johnson appeared as US President Joe Biden, requesting people to stop going to the theatres to catch the webslinger’s antics, in an attempt to curb the coronavirus spread

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Outside the US, the film has done excellently across the pond, in the UK – Holland’s birthplace. South Korea, France, and Mexico have all been top-earning regions as well. It would be important to note that the film has reached this landmark without playing in China – currently the biggest moviegoing market in the world.

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While the web-swinging friendly neighbourhood hero rose, ‘Scream‘ saw a 59% fall, which is pretty typical for horror movies, despite the film being an addition to a fan-favourite franchise. The second weekend saw $12.4 million in ticket sales, approximately. So far, the masked killer film from Paramount has brought in $51.3 million. 

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The third spot sees ‘Sing 2’, the animated film, which is currently on its fifth weekend at the box office. It has made $241.2 million worldwide. Notably, there’s been little competition by way of new releases. The Pierce Brosnan film, ‘The King’s Daughter’ has been a low-profile affair, and was filmed back in 2014. Meanwhile, ‘Redeeming Love’, the faith-based romance with Nina Dobrev also didn’t make any waves.  

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