‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 has given fans a new favourite, Eddie Munson, and rightly so. The Dungeons and Dragons playing Hellfire Club president is also a heavy metal aficionado, showing knowledge of bands like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden

On the lam for murders he didn’t commit, Eddie teams up with Dustin and his friends to try and protect Hawkins from the Upside Down. From wearing a Michael Myers mask to steal a recreational vehicle to agreeing to serve as a distraction, drawing the bats of the Upside Down so Steve, Nancy, and Robin can defeat Vecna, Eddie has been a team player. 

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He and Dustin team up to draw the bats towards them. Once Dustin has the green light, he gives Eddie the nod to commence what is probably the most metal concert ever. 

Dedicating the performance to Chrissy – the cheerleader Vecna killed in Eddie’s home, sending him on the run – the high schooler, portrayed by Joseph Quinn, belts out Metallica’s iconic ‘Master of Puppets’. 

With red skies in the backdrop and the ominousness of the alternate realm, the song comes alive, and even Dustin can’t help but feel the music. 

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Speaking to Metal Hammer magazine, the 29-year-old actor said “I just feel that it’s the perfect song”, adding, “a crescendo to take us through this crazy sequence. It’s an inspired choice for the show, definitely.” 

Fans have reacted to this scene, saying it’ll go down as one of the iconic moments in television history this year. 

After the memorable performance on the BC Rich guitar, Munson and Dustin get the attention of the bats and hide out in the trailer. However, the creatures get in through the vents, prompting the need to improvise, with Eddie ultimately deciding to lead them away on his own in a sacrificial move, typical to the Netflix series.