Hawkins is pitted against monsters from the upside-down in the Stranger Things series. The town has had to deal with a slew of them ever since Eleven opened the portal to the area. Now that the new season is almost here, people are eager to see what it has in store. The trailer reveals some ideas about what the season will be about as well as a glimpse of a new monster. While fans wait to discover what threats Hawkins will face, these are a few that it has already faced. Check out the list of every upside-down creature from past seasons.

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Mind Flayer

Mind Flayer, the ultimate adversary of Stranger Things, is the ruler of the upside-down. He first appeared in Season 2 as the entity in control of Will’s psyche. While being captured by the Demogorgon, the beast invaded his consciousness. Despite the fact that he was imprisoned by Eleven in the second season, he remains a threat. The horrible creatures from the other side only want to destroy our world. He commands the vines, Demogorgon, and all other creatures in his domain.


This spider-like monster first appeared in Stranger Things season three. He attacked the Starcourt Mall party. After the Mind Flayer, he is one of the largest creatures to emerge from the Upside-Down. When Eleven shut the gate, it was the tiniest piece that remained inside Will. It used the Flayer’s bodies to turn into a massive spider.

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Hospital Monster

These monsters are made from human tissues; for example, Hospital Monster was made from the remnants of Flayed humans. Nancy and Jonathan murdered them in the hospital, and they changed into a bloody pulp and assaulted the pair. Until Eleven appeared and murdered them. It was both intellectual and terrifying. The Mind Flayer later absorbed it.


It is the creature that dragged Will into the Upside-Down and killed Barbara in the first season of Stranger Things. It is also a frightening creature with a petal-like mouth and sharp teeth. It is triggered by the odour of blood. The Demogorgon’s skin was tough and bulletproof. It’s difficult to envision Eleven beating it.

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The Flayed

Though they were not as frightening as other creatures, they acted as Mind Flayer spies. They were people who had been corrupted by the Mind Flayer’s mental powers. After losing Will, he assumed control of Billy in order to spy on Eleven and the others. Other citizens were taken over by the hideous monster, resulting in a zombie-like attack. He also manipulated them to make sacrifices for him.


Demodogs, as Dustin dubbed them, resembled Demogorgons in appearance. But they were only quadrupeds. In season 2, it was also one of the key threats the leads had to cope with. Mind Flayer exploited them to his advantage. They are also quite strong and excellent diggers. They are also intelligent, quick, and nimble.

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They are under the power of Mind Flayer and were the ones who penetrated Hawkins and wrecked the city. The block tendrils were given the name vines by the main characters. They spread slowly, assisting the Mind Flayer in expanding its dominance. They are also the same beings who had captured Will and are now inside him. This is how Mind Flayer infiltrated him.