‘Stranger Things’ has been renewed for its fifth and final season on Netflix. The sci-fi adventure has been a mainstay with the streamer since 2016. 

Apart from greenlighting the final season, Netflix also announced that the upcoming fourth season will be split into two parts. The first volume drops on May 27 and the second on July 1. The Duffer brothers who’ve co-created the series, explained in an open letter that they split the season since the show’s nine episodes had twice the runtime as any previous season. 

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Further, Deadline reported that the Duffer brothers always expected the story arc to be complete in four of five seasons. Hence, their current timeline does not come as a surprise. Moreover, they promised that this isn’t the end of the series and there’ll be spinoffs, as per Deadline. 

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The brothers wrote “There are still many more exciting stories to tell within the world of Stranger Things: new mysteries, new adventures, new unexpected heroes. But first we hope you stay with us as we finish this tale.” 

We last left the good people of the Indiana town, in 2019. When Season 3 aired, the final moments showed Joyce leaving town, along with Will and Jonathan, as well as Eleven. Tackling the Upside Down, and all the monsters that come with it, has left the family drained, and they decide to get a fresh start. 

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This is where we witness a jump in geography as the scene transitions to a snow-covered area in the erstwhile Soviet Union. We realize that somehow, Chief Hopper is present there. While the guards feed a prisoner to a trapped Demogorgon, they specifically instruct that the American shouldn’t be offered up as a meal. 

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Nominated for the Emmys thrice, this is one of Netflix’s most popular and most-watched shows. Last year, production on Season 4 was halted for a stretch due to COVID restrictions. Filming commenced in September 2021, and the plan to air new episodes in 2022, was announced last summer.