Netflix on Friday took viewers’ anticipation to a whole new level by teasing them with the first eight minutes of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’, just days ahead of the show’s release. 

The footage is all things bloody and intense, mainly focusing on Doctor Martin Brenner and the experiments he conducts on psychically-gifted kids at the Hawkins National Laboratories.

Set in 1979, the clip starts off with Brenner’s daily morning routine, which includes how he holds his test subjects captive at the laboratory, with most of them being completely in the dark about his true intentions.

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Brenner then begins his tests on Ten, an inmate with the ability to view things that are not in front of his eyes. When asked to find out about his female co-worker’s whereabouts, Ten says that she is conducting experiments on Six. Later on, he gets a premonition of the duo screaming and dying due to a reason that is yet to be known. 

The fourth season stars Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, Joe Kreery, Sadie Sink, David Harbour, Caleb McLaughlin and Natalia Dyer.

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The first part of the show is set to release on Netflix on May 27, with the second volume slated for July 1.

The creators of ‘Stranger Things’ have said that the events that transpire will only be the start of something new, and are packed with plot twists and nightmarish mysteries. 

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“As we sat down to do [Season] 4, we knew that we had to start giving some of these big answers,” creator Ross Duffer told IGN.

“And the minute we started giving some of these big answers, it meant that the end had to inevitably be in sight. And so that’s what really led to us announcing that the fifth season was going to be the last,” he added.