Stranger Things‘ is set to leave viewers thrilled as new events transpire, terrifying details come to light, and mysterious plot twists unfold in season four of the Netflix series. 

The sci-fi drama, which is inspired by 1980s genre films, is created by Matt and Ross Duffer, popularly known as the Duffer Brothers.

Recently, the sibling duo unveiled what to expect in the new season which premieres in a week’s time. 

 “We call this our GAME OF THRONES season because we have so many different locations. The fact that we’re as spread out as we are this year defines the season more than anything. I think that’s what makes it a very unique and special season of Stranger Things. We have Hawkins, of course, as always, but then on top of that we have California and Russia,” Matt Duffer said in a statement, according to the Indian Express.

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The 38-year-old further revealed that the show’s multiple locations represent different storylines that have a “very distinct feel and look,” but gradually end up becoming one towards the end of the “very unique” season. 

Talking about how the new season differs from the summery cinematography in season 3, Ross Duffer said, “We had a lot of fun with the fact that Season Three was set in summer, and it was really technicolor and bright and very poppy. We saw it as our summer blockbuster, but it had one of the darker endings with Hopper being gone and our group splitting up. We continue with that darkness this season.”

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He further added that the new season is all about “dread” and “revelations”, and will help viewers learn “a lot about the Upside Down and what this evil force that’s been threatening Hawkins all these years really wants.”

“It’s exciting for us, because a lot of the story is uncovered this season. Overall, I would say that the tone is certainly darker than it’s been. The goal was to make this the scariest season yet,” Duffer concluded. 

The first volume of ‘Stranger Things 4‘ will release on May 27 on Netflix. The second part is slated for release on July 1.