Tenoch Huerta, a Marvel star, has been accused of sexual abuse by saxophonist Maria Elena Rios. As the news broke a lot of people were interested in knowing about his personal life. As per some reports, the Mexican actor is not married. However, there are some reports of dating.

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The actor reportedly has two children.

All about actor’s children

During the screening of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ last year, actor Tenoch Huerta shared that he feels fortunate to have two children. His elder daughter is named Atzin, while the name of his younger daughter remains undisclosed. 

Tenoch Huerta is a skilled Mexican actor who has built a name for himself in the film industry throughout Latin America and Spain. Huerta has proven himself as a talented actor with outstanding performances in both feature films and short films.

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Huerta played Namor in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” a widely anticipated film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in 2022.

As the news of allegations against Tenoch Huerto surfaced on social media. Several fans took to Twitter to express their anger. One user wrote, “Then fuck Tenoch Huerta. I hope Maria Elena Rios gets justice for what this piece of shit did to her.”

“The movie production was cursed with delays. Letitia didn’t want to be the #BlackPanther. They killed T’Challa & Ramonda. Now Tenoch Huerta (Namor) is accused of sexual assault.

Retcon #WakandaForever Bring back Queen Ramonda No Toussaint #RecastTChalla son of T’Chaka”, another user tweeted.

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One user tweeted, “At this point, Kevin Feige needs to bring back the OG Avengers & just wash the stink of phase 4 and Jonathan Majors & Tenoch Huerta having anything to do with the big characters they were supposed to play. Do-over. And introduce the Fantastic Four QUICKLY.”