Saxophonist Maria Elena Rios has reportedly accused Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta of sexual assault. She called him a ‘sexual predator’ on Twitter.

Rios in a series of tweets said that Poder Prieto published some material for which they did not have authorization. She further alleged that the company did not pay her. It was then she accused Tenoch Huerta too.

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She explained that a podcast called “El Feisbuk de la Malinche” published an episode in which she had participated, but was never paid. The saxophonist added that she had also worked on other ‘Poder Prieto’ projects without receiving payments.

She alleged that Poder Prieto defends Huerta, calling him a sexual predator. The company has deleted the podcast.

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“We are accused of not having paid you for this podcast. We cannot pay you something that is NOT our production. And we didn’t publish it, only that content was recommended as we recommend content almost every day…” Poder Prieto had tweeted.

Maria Elena Rios replied: “I made it very clear to them when I left their sect that they protect the violent and sexual PREDATOR of @TenochHuerta that they did not publish anything about me. They still went to look for me at a concert of hypocrites to avoid scandals for their @MarvelLATAM movie.”

Who is Maria Elena Rios?

Maria Elena Rios is a saxophonist and an acid attack survivor. She is 29 years old.

Her former boyfriend, a politician, had hired men who splashed acid on her face and body. They were jailed.

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Talking about herself and her saxophone, Ríos, earlier this year, said: “We are reconciling, little by little. I hated it because I thought it was responsible for the attack.” She now wears a mask and performs.

“It bothered my attacker a lot that I was a musician because he said we musicians were vagrants, poverty stricken, that we just took drugs and that when I went to concerts I probably participated in orgies,” she added.