The Batman‘ sequel has been confirmed and director Matt Reeves is helming the project again while Robert Pattinson plays the caped crusader of Gotham. The news was confirmed by Warner Bros on April 26, with Reeves announcing “Thank you all for your tremendous support for The Batman. We couldn’t have gotten here without the faith and enthusiasm of all your teams around the world. I’m excited to jump back into this world for the next chapter”, as per Deadline. 

While the premise of the upcoming movie remains unknown, ‘The Batman’ ended with an extended cameo of possibly the Joker, the iconic Batman villain formerly portrayed by Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and then Jared Leto, in the movies. We see ‘The Eternals’ star Barry Keoghan, in Matt Reeves’ iteration, as the Joker forms initial associations with Paul Dano’s Riddler

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Set in Year Two, as per DC comics, the Batman movie captured the dark underbelly of Gotham and showed a masked vigilante in the earlier days of his crime-fighting career. 

Reeves has many plans to build on this world. There is already a spinoff in the works, centred around Penguin, played by Colin Farrell. It will focus on Gotham’s underworld and show how the crime kingpin navigates elements while setting up his empire. As per Reeves, it’ll be both a prequel and sequel to the film. 

There was also another project focusing on the city’s police department, which was planned to be set in Year One, and would introduce many key characters in Batman. However, that has been shelved for now. 

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‘The Batman’ did extremely well in theatres marking the Warner Bros’ return to exclusive hall releases, as compared to the simultaneous streaming service releases they’ve been carrying out for over a year. 

Pattinson’s portrayal as a brooding Batman was also a refreshing change from both Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck’s takes on the part. There is currently no release date for the upcoming Batman movie.