The anticipated trailer of HBO’s The Last of Us, which is based on the game of the same name, has arrived. It shows a world where a zombie outbreak occurs and soon society turns dystopian, as evidenced by the abandoned and falling skyscrapers on a stormy night. 

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Amid the chaos and humans struggling to survive this hostile landscape, Pedro Pascal’s character embarks on a mission where he must protect a young girl who could hold the cure to the zombie problem. 

Hank Williams’ Alone and Foresaken sets the tone for the show, portraying a grim and desolate landscape which becomes America’s reality as zombies take over. In the games, the zombies were distinguishable by mushroom-like sprouts on their faces and the use of echolocation to find victims which would satiate their need for human flesh. The trailer includes a scene where the menacing sound can be heard and Pascal’s character, Joel, is seen with his ward, Ellie, and a group of other humans, trying to remain silent to avoid detection. HBO released a short clip of the bone-chilling sound on Twitter, signalling the trailer would be revealed.

In the game, September 26 is the day the virus started spreading, creating zombies. It is called the Last of Us day and HBO chose the opportune moment to release the trailer. 

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Pascal has played a similar role of a protector in unfriendly circumstances while playing the Mandalorian in the Star Wars franchise. He’s joined by Game of Thrones star Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie, Joe’s ward. Other cast members include Diego Luna as Joel’s brother Tommy; Merle Dandridge as Marlene, the leader of the rebel group the Fireflies; Nico Parker as Joel’s daughter Sarah, Murray Bartlett as Frank; Nick Offerman as Bill; Jeffrey Pierce as Perry; and Anna Torv as Tess.

The series is slated to release in 2023.