Shah Rukh Khan is another name for stardom, romance, hero, and entertainer in India. He has completed thirty years in the Bollywood industry and has done sixty-two films. His initial career began in the television industry. Not only did he give blockbusters in Bollywood but also gave hits on television like ‘Fauji’, and ‘Circus’. The actor’s initial stepping stone was a success. His first film “Deewana” was a huge hit and thereafter there was no looking back.

Some indelible movies in Shah Rukh Khan’s career. 

Deewana (1992)

It is the film where it all began for Shah Rukh Khan. It was a debut for both SRK and director Raj Kanwar. He was seen debuting opposite stars Rishi Kapoor, Divya Bharti, Amrish Puri. Shah Rukh Khan entered the film post interval. He was seen riding on a bike and cheering along with his friends. 

Dilwale Dulhani Le Jayenge(1995)

Shah Rukh Khan was not very keen to sign this project because he had a desire to be an action star rather than a romantic hero. Aditya Chopra convinced him to be a part of the film. The film was a huge hit among masses.  This film still holds a record of 10 crore tickets sold in the year of 1995. This is one of the largest records till date. DDLJ had transformed him into a sensation. DDLJ gave the world one of its most loved classics. 

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Baadshah (1999)

The film shows a small-time detective who has been mistaken as a CBI agent and gets involved in a mission of saving the Chief Minister from the assassination attempt. Not only does the film entertain the audience with twists and turns, thrillers and action but the comedy involved in the film attracts the audience greatly. The film “ Badshah” has introduced us to casino goggles, X-ray shades, lizard shoes, cars and Shah Rukh Khan doing parody as we have never seen him before.

Mohabbatein (2000)

Mohabaatein drifted from the regular storyline of Bollywood and started as an antithesis of love. The film gives us a beautiful view of the United Kingdom and the gurukul where SRK joined as a music teacher. Not only the film has shown a beautiful love story between SRK and Aishwariya but also the gurukul where the classes took place. Along with cinematography the songs of the film hold equal importance. 

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (2001)

The film by Karan Johar is an all time favorite for most of the audience. The film  shows a blend of family traditions as well SRK who tries to keep up the Indian values in a foreign land. People had loved his pairing with Kajol. Lata Mangeskar’s legendary voice in the title song of the film adds more to it. This film was another epic milestone for SRK and gained a huge success among the masses. 

Kal Ho Na Ho (2003) 

The film is set in New York and stars extremely attractive Preity Zinta along with SRK and Saif Ali Khan. The family based in New York prayed for an angel in their lives who could solve their problems.  Shah Rukh Khan came as an angel to them in the form of a  neighbor. This film was a huge hit but the ending was too sad for any Indian audience who loves SRK. He died of cancer and this ending highly disheartened the audience.