Hollywood Height actor, Cody Longo died at the age of 34. The actor’s family has confirmed that his body was found at a home in Austin on Wednesday, reported TMZ. There is no clarity on how long he has been dead at the time of the discovery of his body. 

Here are top 5 shows and movies of Cody Longo

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Top 5 shows and movies of Cody Longo

Hollywood Heights (2012)

Longo performed Eddie Duran in the popular TV show Hollywood Heights. It aired on Nick & Nite and Teen Nick. The series was released in 2012. Mexican telenovela, revolves around Loren Tate, a shy teen with musical aspirations who finds the support system she needs in her single mom.

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Days of Our Lives 

Cody Longo was best known for playing Nicholas, Nikki Alamian in NBC’s daytime series Days of Our Lives for eight episodes in 2011.  

Not Today (2013)

Cody Longo played Caden Welles in Not Today, released on April 12, 2013. The movie was written and directed by Jon Van Dyke. Along with Cody Longo, Leo Soloman, Cassie Scerbo, John Schneider and Shari Wiedman played the lead roles.   

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Rich Boy, Rich Girl (2017)

Longo played Andy Rich Boy, Rich Girl which was released in 2017. Judy San Roman and Andrew Damon Henriques directed the movie. Longo’s character Andy was a front desk clerk with small ambitions until he finds a muse. 

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Wildflower (2016)

Josh in Nicholas DiBella’s Wildflower was played well by Cody Longo. It was a story of a 20-year-old Chloe, played by Nathalia Ramos. Chloe has blackouts and premonitions which led her to meet a troubled but compassionate handyman, Josh.