Britney Spears’ former husband Sam Asghari has shared details regarding the highly secure prenuptial agreement that has garnered significant attention on the internet in recent times.

According to the most recent information, Asghari is prepared to forego a sizeable multi-million dollar payout in the midst of his divorce from Britney Spears due to the discovery of a big loophole in their prenuptial agreement.

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What is Britney Spears’ prenup loophole?

According to media reports, Sam Asghari is in a predicament where he won’t receive any financial support in the event of a divorce. This is because the terms of the contract stated that he would be entitled to $1 million for every two years of marriage, even though he and Britney were only married for 14 months.

According to reports, the amount was reportedly capped at $10 million after 15 years. However, despite their marriage only lasting 14 months, Asghari, 29, started the divorce process from Spears, 41, on Wednesday. He specified their date of separation as July 28.

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In addition, the report also claimed that the prenuptial agreement indicated that the model actress relinquished all rights to Spears’ music collection. It has been claimed that his name does not appear on the title documents of their shared residence in Thousand Oaks, California. 

 Similarly, a TMZ report on Friday said the 29-year-old fitness trainer is not ready to accept “anything” other than the gifts he received from the Grammy-winning artist as part of their divorce settlement.

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Earlier, the publication alleged that Sam Asghar’s attorney, Neal Hersh, challenged the validity of the prenuptial agreement by filing for spousal support. As a result, Britney Spears is willing to offer compensation to Sam to secure an amicable settlement, multiple sources told TMZ.