Britney Spears’ and Sam Asghari have separated and likely headed for divorce but the latter will unlikely be able to claim any monetary compensations, all thanks to the pop star’s iron clad prenup.

Last year in June TMZ reported that the Spears and Asghari officially tied the knot but not before drawing up an ironclad prenup that ensured that all of the songstress’ millions of assets are protected were the couple to call quits on their marriage. Sources close to the couple told the publication that Asghari was not liable to get a single dollar from Spears’ net worth which was reportedly $60 million at that point.

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Shortly before they got married, lawyers were called to figure the prenup’s terms and conditions. The prenup said that if things were to go south, she will be retaining her entire fortune.

At the time, Asghari joked that the prenup was actually requested by him, not Spears because he wanted to protect his jeep and shoe collection. However, sources told TMZ that it was actually Spears’ team who initiated the legal discussions. She also had a prenup in place before she got married to Kevin Federline.

Nevertheless, one one insider told TMZ, that Spears will likely write Asghari a cheque marriage to amicably settle things, at least financially.

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TMZ published a report on Wednesday according to which Spears and Asghari might be headed for splitsville. The couple reportedly had a huge fight nearly a week back where Asghari confronted Spears over rumors she cheated on him. There is no confirmation whether the rumor is true.

Asghari reportedly has moved out of their house and has currently taken a place of his own. “It’s only a matter of time before Sam files for divorce,” a source said.

TMZ further reported that there has been “deep trouble” with the couple’s relationship for months now. Even before the fight, Asghari was not sleeping at the house much. There are also reports that Spears got physical with him in blowout fights that which also included screaming matches.

Spears and Asghari started dating back in 2016, when he appeared in one of her music videos. They got married in a small private ceremony at their Thousand Oaks home where none of Spears’ family members were invited. Among those in attendance were Madonna, Paris Hilton and Selena Gomez.