On TikTok, Taylor Swift is just as powerful as she is in the music industry. Over the course of her nearly two-decade career, the singer’s brand and relevance have only grown, and what distinguishes her from many other artists is her fervent following—the Swifties. Swifties have developed SwiftTok, a boisterous ecosystem on TikTok, over the past few years. Users specialise in talking about her music and, more frequently, her conspiracies.

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Midnights, Swift’s upcoming album, is scheduled to be released on October 21. She announced at midnight on Monday. SwiftTok began speculating about the album’s details even before it was revealed, including who the musicians would be, the titles of the songs, and the genres the album might explore. There was considerable anticipation for the album’s name and release date only within the TikTok niche.

What is SwiftTok, Taylor Swift’s TikTok fanbase?

SwiftTok is a TikTok community for Swift’s fans and Swift-related content, much like BookTok is for book readers and CleanTok is for people who love to clean. Swifties who take part might be seen ranking some of her songs, giving her album reviews, or flaunting their vinyl records. SwiftTok appears to be a typical community of passionate fans at first glance, but digging a little deeper reveals a committed group that is determined to analyse every word the singer says to learn more about her upcoming projects.

Taylor occasionally responds to popular videos to inspire her followers. While some of the content on SwiftTok is standard music fanfare, conspiracy theories are some of the most frequently found content. 

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On SwiftTok, conspiracy theories frequently revolve around searching for hints about upcoming music releases on Swift’s merchandise or in her social media posts across various platforms. Recent examples of this trend include figuring out what Taylor Swift’s charm bracelet means and whether or not her upcoming tenth studio album Midnights will bring back the long-forgotten “Tumblr aesthetic” of the early 2010s.

Swift is involved in a feud with Kanye West. West disrupted Swift while she was giving the acceptance speech for her VMA 2009 win for best music video of the year. 

She has been praised for her lyricism and her ability to switch music genres.