The three ‘Khans’ of Bollywood – Shah Rukh KhanSalman Khan, and perfectionist Aamir Khan  – have dominated the Indian entertainment spectrum for a long time and still continue to do so. Amid them was another Khan, whose golden days in the industry came a little later.

Saif Ali Khan is making a marvellous impact on new-age cinema. While his talent has recently started getting appreciated following his work in ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Tandav‘, the comparisons between him and other Khans is not new.

Recently, in a chat with Siddhart Kannan, Saif Ali Khan responded on how he felt about the comparisons with the three ‘Khans’ or if he ever felt excluded in the industry.

“We all have the same surname but that’s a common surname. We are very very different people and they are very different people from each other,” he said.

Talking about Salman Khan, Saif said that he was a superstar since the inception of his career.

“Salman has been a superstar from the first shot he gave and he has just never looked back. Ups and downs or whatever, but his mind is very different. It has taken me a long time to grow up into a person who is capable of shouldering a movie,” Saif said about Salman.

About the ‘King Khan’ Shah Rukh, Saif said he is the undisputed emperor of the industry.

“Very wide-sweeping scale of how he sees the world. I am really like a fish-n-chips guy compared to him. He is like an emperor,” Saif said.

Saif and Shah Rukh worked together in the blockbuster hit ‘Kal Ho Na Ho.’ Apart from that, they also shared the stage for hosting several award shows.

Praising the perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan, Saif said “he is a visionary.”

“Five years later, I kind of understand what he is talking about in terms of how he is applying his mind. I become, roughly like that, much later,” he said.

About the comparison with the Khans, Saif said that his career plan and path is very different from the other superstars and he never compares their success with his’.

“I think I’ve made a respectable career out of my life so I am very proud of myself and I know I am different from them. They really should be in the same bracket because they are the triumvirate of cinema,” he said.

Saif Ali Khan has recently wrapped up shooting for his movie ‘Bhoot Police’ and after that, he will be seen in Bunty and Babli 2.