Stan Lee, the famous American comic book writer, and the creator of
Marvel fans was remembered on his 100th birth anniversary on
December 28, 2022.

Stan Lee got married to Joan Boocock Lee, Together they had two daughters, Joan Celia Lee and Jan Lee.

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Joan Celia Lee was born in the year 1950 in New York City, United
States. On the other hand, Jan Lee was born three years after Joan’s birth in
1953. Unfortunately, Stan and Boocock lost their second daughter a few days
after her birth.

While growing up, Joan Celia got all the love and
support from her parents.

Joan is an American actress, author, and producer. She made her debut in the field of acting with the crime drama of 1963, The Cold World.
After graduating, she joined her father at Marvel Studios in order to gain
knowledge and expertise in the section of comic creation.

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She created an educational app Raising My Superkids, some portion
of which is also donated to charity. Joan is also the owner of a comedy website, which she has devoted to Stan Lee’s legacy.

Apart from this, she has been a part of the Television
drama, No Actor Parking, and the film The Ambulance. Joan also gave her voice
in the Iron Man animated series to a robot character in 1994.

Before pursuing a career in acting, Joan learned to paint, draw,
create layouts of comic books with her father, and do fashion designing.

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She made her debut as an author in the year 2015 with
the book The Stan Lee Family. The book is a love story of her parents Stan Lee and
Joan Boocock Lee.

She is unmarried. Her net worth is estimated to be $66

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Her father Stan Lee died five years ago on November 12, 2018,
due to a cardiac arrest but even after his death, Stan Lee is still considered
the face and maestro of the Marvel world.