Actor Jeremy Renner, best known for starring as Hawkeye in the Marvel movies, was injured on Sunday at his ranch in Reno, Nevada, where he has a collection of snow plows and fire trucks.

It was reported that while he was clearing snow in one of his industrial snow plows at his Lake Tahoe ranch home, the actor was injured and airlifted to hospital. His condition remains “critical but stable.”

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Where is Jeremy Renner’s ranch located?

Renner is a regular in the local community in Reno, as he pays visits to homeless centers on Thanksgiving. He also likes helping children choose toys in the local stores.

The actor’s ranch home in the Sierra Nevada mountains contains a recording studio fully stocked with a drum kit, guitars, and pianos. He also has an outdoor area with a fire pit. 

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With a knack for renovating hundreds of fire trucks, ambulances, and snow plows, the 51-year-old star has helped the local community deal with wildfires and heavy blizzards over the years.

Renner’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of him posing next to his renovated trucks and snowmobiles. He can also be often seen clearing roads and driveways of snow while driving his snow plows.

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Renner owns a number of snow plows, which he uses not only to clear his long private driveway but also roads and paths in his area. The actor has also complained of heavy snow due to winter storms across the nation. 

Renner moved to his house on Lake Tahoe nine years ago. In 2021, he revealed that he was building a fire station at his home because it is a “hot zone for fires.”

“There’s been a fire not a half mile from where my house is. Pretty threatening,” Renner told Men’s Health in November 2021. “I’m using fire trucks for defensible space and for protecting my neighborhood, all the people up there.”