Netflix’s new movie, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone directed by John Lee Hancock, is a horror movie based on Stephen King’s eponymic book from his If It Bleeds collection. The story follows Craig, a lonely teenager trying to fit in at school but he just gets bullied by his classmates. He then befriends Mr. Harrigan, an elderly billionaire for whom he reads and does odd jobs. He gives Mr. Harrigan an iPhone. When Mr. Harrigan dies suddenly, Craig is devastated and puts the phone in the coffin at the funeral. Few days later, unable to deal with his bullies, he calls on the phone, quite desperate just to hear his voice again. To Craig’s utter shock, he receives back a response from Mr. Harrigan’s phone.

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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone was completely filmed in Connecticut, primarily in the counties of Fairfield, Middlesex and Litchfield. In Norwalk, a city in the south of the country, the cast and crew mainly set up the tent. Mr. Harrigan’s mysterious mansion is the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum in Matthews Park at 295 West Avenue. The story takes place in a fictional town in Maine. Primary shooting and photography commenced in October of 2021 and was wrapped up around two months later in December.

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Fairfield County, Connecticut

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum in Matthews Park at 295, West Avenue features a gigantic collection with book-lined wall surfaces that appear in many scenes and a gorgeous sunroom.

The LMMM Board of Trustees Chair at the time, Patsy Brescia, shared that the production unit was quite careful while dealing with both the residential and commercial property throughout the whole shooting. She shared, “… any one of things that are being moved or touched, need to be finished with our people, and also they are spending for that, so our engineers and everybody that we have actually worked with to recover the building over the last several years will be collaborating with them to shield the structure while they’re in the set capturing.”

The scene of Craig buying an iPhone for Mr. Harrigan was shot at Washington Street in South Norwalk, where the crew changed an abandoned store into a 2010 mobile phone store. Later, they shifted the production to the beach town of Fairfield, which lies just on the shores of Long Island. Many important sequences were filmed at the Old Academy building on the Town Hall Campus, First Church Congregational at 148 Beach Road and also at the South Benson Marina at 471 Turney Road located in Fairfield.

Litchfield County, Connecticut

A few shots of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone were taken in a community in Litchfield County called Barkhamsted. The crew was seen mostly filming scenes on the West River Road. 

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Middlesex County, Connecticut

During the filming of this Donald Sutherland starrer, the team stopped in a town in Middlesex County called Portland situated across the Connecticut River from Middletown. There, a number of shots were taped, primarily around the Campground at 311, Brownstone Avenue and the Quarry View Historic Park.