Iranian actress Elnaaz Norouzi, well known for playing Zoya in Sacred Games, has firmly expressed her support for the country’s ongoing anti-hijab demonstration. She posted a video to Instagram, which is currently trending on social media. To learn more, scroll down.

As a form of protest, the Iranian-German model and actress uploaded a video of herself partially undressed to Instagram. The actress could be seen removing both her burqa and hijab in the video. In the video, she continues by taking off every piece of clothing.

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Which character did Elnaaz Norouzi play in Sacred Games?

Nourouzi played the character of Jamila in season one of Game of Thrones. In season one, Jamila, an aspiring Bollywood actress, was discovered to have ties to gangster Ganesh Gaitonde. Season two delves deeply into Gaitonde’s past, revealing that Jamila was once the crime lord’s mistress.

Elnaaz Norouzi, who plays Jamila/Zoya, told India Today about her character’s relationship with Gaitonde, saying, “Jamila is a fighter.”

She added – “She met Gaitonde when he was vulnerable and in need of help. She needed someone at the same time. They happened to meet at the same time. They assist one another. Jamila’s transformation into Zoya has been amazing. These two characters are diametrically opposed. It was a pleasure to play them as an actor.”

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By season two, Jamila has taken on the persona of successful film star Zoya.

In the web series Sacred Games, Zoya Mirza is an international superstar actress who is originally from Pakistan. She is one of Gaitonde’s girlfriends in the original novel, but she has a subplot in the web series.

Fans of Sacred Games will recall Zoya is portrayed as a small-town girl who made a name for herself in Mumbai’s film industry in season one of Sacred Games. In the previous story with Gaitonde, a young Jamila/Zoya paid him a sexual favour. She brought him a box of sweets with a knife hidden inside to protect him from the other prisoners.

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Norouzi explained to the Indian Express, “In season two, we learn about Jamila’s past.”

She added – “Where she came from, her relationship with Gaitonde, and how close she was to him.” We see how she influenced his life and decisions, as well as how she evolved from Jamila to Zoya Mirza.”