Christopher Nolan reportedly made a last-minute decision to cast his daughter, Flora Nolan, in a cameo role in his film “Oppenheimer.” Flora, who is 22 years old, portrays a character whose face is melted off in the movie. The film “Oppenheimer” stars actor Cillian Murphy in the lead role based on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the renowned American theoretical physicist and scientist often referred to as the “father of the atomic bomb.”

Christopher Nolan and his wife, Emma Thomas, are parents of four children. Their children’s names are Flora Nolan, Rory Nolan, Magnus Nolan, and Oliver Nolan.

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Who is Flora Nolan?

Flora Nolan, an aspiring actress, had a brief appearance in the film “Interstellar,” where she played a girl seen on the back of a truck.

Who is Rory Nolan?

Rory Nolan ventured into the family business and had a role in the film “The Dark Knight.” Following in his parents’ footsteps, he made his own mark in the film industry with this notable appearance.

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Who is Oliver Nolan?

Oliver is actively involved in the film industry and had an uncredited role as a baby portraying Jess Borden in the movie “The Prestige.” Interestingly, the initial working title for the film “Inception” was “Oliver’s Arrow,” in line with Christopher Nolan’s tradition of naming his working titles after his children.

Who is Magnus Nolan?

Magnus Nolan is a child actor known for his portrayal of James Cobb in Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed film “Inception.” This role remains his sole appearance in the film industry to date.