On June 12, 2023, Treat Williams died at the age of 71 in a motorbike accident.

Williams, best known for his appearances in ‘Hair’ and ‘Everwood,’ leaves an enormous film history behind him, as well as a wife and two children.

The late actor and now-widow Pam Van Sant enjoyed an ideal existence in Vermont and frequently shared images of their joyful life together on social media.

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Who is Gill Williams

Treat William’s first child, Gill, was born in December 1992, and he attended many Hollywood events as a child.

Gill attended red-carpet events and movie premieres with his mother and father, and he seemed at ease in front of the camera from an early age.

His most recent performance was in 2019 at the Metrograph Theatre in New York City for a 40th-anniversary screening of Hair.

Gill followed in the footsteps of his renowned father and was featured in a few short films in 2015. He even collaborated on a project with Treat, as his father revealed on Twitter: ‘Acting with my son Gill today. ‘Life is fantastic,’ he said in 2015.

In 2015, he graduated from New York University and began a music career, posting beatboxes and song snippets on Instagram. He currently resides in Vermont with his parents in their lovely home.

Gill is also a brilliant artist who promotes his work on social media, with much of his works centered on social justice, such as his drawings of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality in the United States.

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In the comments, his father expressed his support. ‘This was done by my son. ‘I’m a proud papa,’ hew wrote.

Treat honored Gill’s 31st birthday in December 2022 by posting an Instagram snap of his kid smiling with their dog. ‘Happy Birthday, my dear Gill! ‘I’m extremely proud of you,’ he wrote.

Who is Elinor Williams

Elinor Williams, Treat’s youngest child, was born in September 1998. Ellie, like her older brother, grew up on film and television sets.

In 2015, the actor shared a photo of his daughter on the set of Chicago Fire. ‘My daughter Ellie spent the entire day on stage. You’d think she’d become bored,’ he wrote.

Elinor relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Vermont, where she spent time with her father when he could.

Elinor tweeted a selfie of herself and Treat at Universal Studios. ‘Daddio and I went to the Wizarding World,’ she wrote in the caption of her Instagram image.

Just one week before his death, Treat posted an Instagram photo of his daughter with the caption, ‘I

miss you daughter.’

Elinor responded: ‘Thanks Dad I love you.’