A recent lawsuit has brought forth disturbing allegations that Chris Brown assaulted a man, rendering him unconscious, at a nightclub earlier this year. According to legal documents filed by Abe Diaw, as reported by TMZ, this incident transpired in February.

Who is Abe Diaw?

Diaw recounts that he and Chris Brown have had a seven-year acquaintance. When Brown approached him at the London nightclub, TAPE, Diaw initially believed it was a friendly gesture, perhaps a hug. However, things took a violent turn, according to Diaw’s claims.

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Instead of an embrace, Diaw asserts that Brown struck him with a liquor bottle on three separate occasions. The lawsuit specifies that Brown used a Don Julio 1942 tequila bottle to inflict “crushing blows” to Diaw’s head. The alleged attack left Diaw unconscious, and, shockingly, the “Say Goodbye” singer purportedly did not cease the physical assault, reportedly resorting to stomping on Abe as he lay incapacitated on the nightclub floor.

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The lawsuit suggests that the entire incident was captured on the establishment’s surveillance cameras. Furthermore, Diaw claims that local law enforcement possesses the footage and suggests that Chris Brown is a fugitive in the United Kingdom, although this assertion has not been publicly confirmed. Nonetheless, Diaw maintains that he can positively identify Chris Brown as the alleged assailant in the video footage.