50 Cent pulled a Cardi B when he threw his broken microphone into the crowd during his concert in Los Angeles, which hit a fan on the head.

The rapper was performing at Crypto.com Arena Wednesday night – which is one of the venues of his Final Lap tour 2023. During his performances, the management handed him a number of mics that did not work, which seemingly triggered the artist.

Here is a video of the moment:

As he walked out onstage with the microphone in his hand to join YG. who was singing at the time, 50 Cent was seen turning to one side of the stage and hurling the mic. Although 50 Cent might not have intended to hit a fan, much less a woman, he ended up hitting Power 106 host Bryhana in the head.

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Later, a photo of a Bryhana with a nasty, bleeding gash on her head appeared on social media. She also had bloody towels wrapped around her neck. According to a source connected to 50 says the woman wasn’t supposed to be in the restricted area.

Who is Bryhana Monegain?

According to her mini bio on IMDB page, “Bryhana Monegain is a popular on-air personality who can be heard on LA’s hip-hop station, Power 106. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois where she studied theatre at the Goodman. She also studied Vocal Arts at Gallery 37 where she performed on various stages throughout Chicago. She later graduated high school and moved to Missouri where she graduated with a Degree in Mass Media Communication and a minor in Theatre from the University of Missouri. After graduating college she moved to California to pursue her career in Mass Communications as well as Acting.”

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Bryhana also landed a number of theatrical jobs as well as commercials. Bryhana’s radio career began in San Diego. She later transitioned to Los Angeles permanently as a part-time host for a local station. As Power 106’s Midday Host, Bryhana channeled great energy, shared laughs and great music with listeners.