Swiss social media
personality Dean Schneider is now engaged to his girlfriend Eli. The animal
sanctuary founder made the announcement on his Instagram account. He shared the
news along with a new year message and wishes for his followers.

 “SHE SAID YESS! Happy New Year to all of You
amazing People and Hakuna Mipaka Family Members out there,” he wrote.

Schneider said, “First
I thought: Wooow 2022 was full of challenges and huge obstacles on so many
and I hope 2023 will bring some comfort into my Life!😌 But you know what….? Even 2023, 2024, and every other
Year will bring tough moments and big obstacles to overcome.”

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The goal is not to
eliminate problems or challenges in life but the goal is to improve the way we
handle them and learn how to deal with them, he added.

According to Schneider,
“life will never stop testing and challenging you but you can learn how to
approach tough times and turn them into lessons and ultimately success.”

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Schneider remains
relatively quiet when it comes to sharing his personal life and makes it a
point to stay out of the public eye. It’s unclear when he started dating Eli.

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He was born on October
2, 1992. He studied finance and became an entrepreneur at the age of 21.
Schneider was a banker and financial planner in Switzerland before moving to
South Africa in 2017 to establish a wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation
center, Hakuna Mipaka. Schneider visited Africa more than a dozen times to see
land, make contacts, seek sponsors, and develop a 70-page management plan while
waiting for grants.

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As of December 2022,
Schneider has more than 10 million followers on Instagram. He shares
interactions with wildlife with the support of a personal assistant and a
content manager on social media. He is inspired by Steve Irwin to help people
connect with wildlife.