A lot of people were confused when former president Donald Trump teased a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” on his social media platforms, only for it to turn out to be a set of digital collectible trading cards featuring his image in interesting situations.

The centerpiece of his announcement was a trading card showing Trump dressed like Superman, with a “T” symbol on his breast and a cape. Given that the particular accessory was similar to Homelander, the show’s main antagonist and a key component of Trump-centric parody, The Boys HQ, including its creator Eric Kripke, raised some concerns about it.

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The series’ creator and showrunner Eric Kripke was the first to notice the similarities between the Homelander’s appearance and those of the former president. He tweeted, “This is a funnier pay off than I could write btw. And he’s got the flag cape!!”

Who is Eric Kripke?

Born in 1974, and raised in Toronto, Canada, Eric Kripke is an American writer and producer.

He gained notoriety as the creator of The CW’s fantasy drama series Supernatural (2005-2020). During the first five seasons of the series, he was the showrunner. Additionally, Kripke co-created the science fiction series Timeless (2016-18) as well as the post-apocalyptic drama series Revolution (2012–14). He has been the showrunner of the superhero series The Boys, created for Amazon Prime Video, since 2019.

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The Slamdance Film Festival’s audience choice prize went to Kripke’s 16-minute short Truly Committed. The short Battle of the Sexes was also directed by him. Later, he created and wrote for 2003 television series Tarzan, which was eventually cancelled after eight episodes.

Kripke recently gained attention when he called out former US-President Donald Trump in his latest tweet regarding his “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT”. The tweet featured a trading card with Trump dressed as a character that resembled a main character from Homelander, one of Kripke’s creations.

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Kripke co-wrote the screenplay for the early 2005 movie Boogeyman before finding success with Supernatural. Supernatural was established by Kripke in 2005. Following the fifth season of Supernatural, Kripke left his position as the show’s lead showrunner and started working on other projects, such as Revolution.

Amped, later renamed Jacked, was a comic book series written by Kripke for Vertigo and DC Comics that debuted in the fall of 2015. It was revealed in August 2015 that Kripke and his writing partner Shawn Ryan were creating the action-adventure series Timeless for NBC.

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In 2016, Kripke began his work on The Boys with Cinemax. Former US President Donald Trump released a trading card with a character that resembled one from the show. Kripke noticed and mocked Trump.