Elijah Blue Allman’s unearthed 2014 interview unveils his battle with Lyme disease and strained ties with mother Cher, in Gregg Allman’s family saga.

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In an unearthed 2014 interview, Elijah Blue Allman opened up about his near-fatal battle with Lyme disease and his strained relationship with his mother, superstar Cher. He revealed that Cher’s emotional support was lacking during his darkest hours, and he had to rely on his mother’s famous exes- Tom Cruise and Van Kilmer. 

But why was he unable to rely on his real father- Gregg Allman?

Who is Gregg Allman?

Gregg Allman was a legendary figure in the world of rock music, known for his soulful singing and exceptional skills on the Hammond organ. He was at the heart of the iconic band, The Allman Brothers Band, and his contributions were instrumental to their success.

Born on December 8, 1947, in Nashville, Tennessee, Gregg Allman was the son of Willis Turner Allman and Geraldine Alice Robbins. His upbringing was marked by the early loss of his father and a troubled family life. Despite these challenges, Gregg and his brother Duane Allman found solace and passion in music.

In the late 1960s, Gregg, Duane, and a group of talented musicians formed The Allman Brothers Band. Their blend of blues, rock, and improvisational music captivated audiences and earned them a dedicated following. Gregg’s distinctive voice and Hammond organ playing became hallmarks of the band’s sound.

Tragically, in 1971, Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident. Despite this devastating loss, the band continued to produce music and achieved immense success. Gregg’s songwriting skills came to the forefront, and hits like Midnight Rider and Melissa solidified his reputation as a gifted songwriter.

Gregg had several relationships and marriages throughout his life, and one of these unions was with Cher, the renowned singer and actress. This marriage brought forth the birth of Elijah Blue Allman, who entered the world in July 1976. The union between Gregg and Cher was marked by its share of challenges and ultimately ended in divorce in 1979. This separation marked the beginning of a unique family dynamic.

Elijah, often referred to as “Elijah Blue,” grew up in the midst of his parents’ fame and prominence in the music industry. Despite the high-profile nature of his family, his upbringing was marked by certain complexities. The relationship between Gregg and Elijah was influenced by their shared passion for music, but it also had its share of ups and downs.

Elijah, like his father, pursued a career in music and formed the rock band Deadsy, where he took on the role of lead guitarist and vocalist. This shared musical interest provided a common ground for father and son. However, like many families, their relationship had its moments of distance and reconciliation.

The unearthed 2014 interview with Elijah Blue Allman sheds light on the intricacies of his family life, particularly his relationship with his mother, Cher. He revealed that during his battle with Lyme disease, he felt a lack of emotional support from Cher, describing it as “not one of her strong suits.” This candid revelation provided insight into the challenges he faced during his health crisis and the dynamics within his family.

Throughout his career, Gregg Allman battled personal demons, including struggles with addiction. Despite these challenges, he remained a charismatic and influential figure in the music world. His music touched the hearts of many, and he continued to perform and record until his health began to decline.

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Gregg Allman passed away on May 27, 2017, at the age of 69, after a long battle with liver cancer. His legacy as a musical genius and a pioneer in rock and blues music endures, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and the hearts of fans worldwide.