In the fifth season of “Too Hot To Handle,” one contestant who has been getting the attention of the girls is Louis Russell. From the very beginning, several of the girls are vying for his attention, captivated by his charm and presence.

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Who is Louis Russell?

Louis Russell is 22 years old and comes from Hampshire, United Kingdom. He is a semi-pro British footballer, who is also now leaning towards modeling for brands.

“If Lana wants someone who is cheeky, charming and a challenge, then she’s going to love having Louis in the retreat. His hobbies include boxing, football…and making a girl fall in love for the night. As someone who spent a lot of their school years in detention, Louis has never been one to follow rules,” Netflix described Louis. “He’s likely to do his best to steal the girls from Lana’s gaze and we bet this dapper sweet talker won’t have to try too hard.”

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Louis Russell’s Instagram?

Russell has over 67.5k followers on Instagram. Scrolling through his Instagram feed, one would notice his interests in modeling, traveling, and boxing. Russell is also very active on TikTok.

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Does Louis Russell have a Girlfriend?

According to Russell, he never had a serious relationship. Only time will tell if he will be able to make a connection on the show.