María Ignacia Celedón, known as MaruRockets died in a car crash in Chile, which claimed six lives.

Who was MaruRockets aka María Ignacia Celedón?

María Ignacia Celedón, popularly known as MaruRockets, was a 28-year-old influencer and gamer from Chile, renowned for her engaging content and passion for pop culture.

She was accompanied by her partner, YouTuber Ignacio Carrasco (DimeNacho), and fellow influencer Yang Hsin (ShiniPan).

The accident, which involved a collision between a taxi and a private vehicle, resulted in six fatalities, including María Ignacia Celedón. The road conditions, exacerbated by frost in the region, have been cited as contributing factors to the tragic incident.

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María Ignacia Celedón’s social media presence had garnered her a sizable following, with 26,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 10,000 fans on Twitch. She was known for her passion for gaming and her positive impact on the streaming community.

During her trip to the south of Chile, sponsored by a brand, María Ignacia had been creating content for her followers. Her untimely death has left her fans and loved ones grieving for a young life cut short.

Her partner, Ignacio Carrasco, expressed his deep love and admiration for her in one of his final social media posts, recounting the significant impact she had on his life and their shared journey together.

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As the investigation into the accident continues, the community mourns the loss of a talented and beloved young woman who brought joy to many through her online presence.