Lisa Marie Presley, a musician and the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley died on Thursday in Los Angeles at the age of 54. She leaves behind twin daughters Finley and Harper Vivienne whose custody is now in question.

The 14-year-old twins’ father, Michael Lockwood, will unquestionably file a legal petition to obtain full custody of his girls. It “will be a cold day in hell before he hands up custody of those children,” a source close stated, according to TMZ.

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She had 60% custody of their twins at the time of Lisa Marie’s passing, while he had 40%. Unless a judge finds that Lockwood is an unsuitable father, he would typically receive full custody under California law.

Lockwood, 61, ended his relationship with Presley in 2016 with an unpleasant divorce.

Before divorcing in 2016 after a contentious divorce proceeding, the couple wed in 2006 and welcomed two twin girls in 2008.

Prior to Lisa Marie’s passing on Thursday, Lockwood and Lisa Marie had been at odds for years over money.

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He claimed she had more money than she represented in court records and was asking for $40,000 per month in child support. She temporarily lost custody of her twin daughters during the divorce process with Lockwood, and they moved home with her mother Priscilla.

A year after the contentious divorce, in a 2017 deposition, she acknowledged misusing cocaine, opiates, pills, and alcohol.

According to a TMZ report, Lisa Marie’s ex, Danny Keough, who was living with her and the twins at the time of her passing, views himself as the children’s stepfather. Keough and Lockwood have a lot of animosity toward one another, and there are rumours among the family that he would battle for custody of the children.

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Some family members have not yet ruled out the potential that Riley Keough, Presley and Danny’s daughter, would also argue for custody. There are rumours that Priscilla Presley would follow suit. No one can predict if either party will act in court. Presley and Danny have a son named Benjamin as well. 

The twins are old enough for the judge to take their preference into consideration. We are unaware of how they feel about custody.