Jurassic World: Dominion‘ is playing in theatres, and while the film has enjoyed a strong opening, there has been some criticism about the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the film. Director Colin Trevorrow responded, defending the dinosaur that was first introduced as an apex predator in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 original

Since the T-Rex first terrified viewers, there have been bigger and deadlier dinosaurs in the ‘Jurassic World’ universe, and the latest instalment sees a Therizinosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex teaming up to kill the ultimate bad dinosaur, the Giganotosaurus.

The battle, which takes place towards the end of the movie, shows that the T-Rex is about to be killed. All hope seems to be lost, but in true franchise fashion, the dinosaur opens its eye and proceeds to kill the villain with some help from the Therizinosaurus. 

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While some liked the scene, there were detractors including ‘Mayans MC’ actor Angel Rosario Jr, who tweeted at the director that the T-Rex had become the second fiddle in the films, which the Chicago-born performer felt was wrong. 

“Hey, @colintrevorrow… ya made the Rex look weak. Again. Come on now! It’s the face of the franchise. Terrible. The Giga might have been strong, but science proves the Rex was a better predator, and stronger. Very disappointed in your utilization of Rexy. #JurassicWorldDominion”, he wrote. 

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Trevorrow replied to this, saying, “I understand the feeling. Worth noting the T. Rex had an average lifespan of 28 years, so our Rexy would be near the end of her life in Dominion. Even at that age, she found the strength to rise up and avenge her own death, 65 million years later. Sometimes revenge takes time”. 

Rosario Jr reacted to this back and forth, writing, “Got a response from the great @colintrevorrow about Dominion. Though conflicting arguments about the Rex…as an actor, I’d love to work on a project with you, sir. Respect and admiration for your work, sir. Hope we can talk about it face to face someday! #JurassicWorldDominion”.