What do you do when you want to discuss superheroes? You ask the ultimate superhero expert — YouTuber SuperSuper. With over 1.5 million followers, SuperSuper is slowly but surely making a name for himself in the world of Marvel and DC alike.

We at Opoyi decided to get his opinion on what the future holds for the two mammoth universes of superheroes. Right off the bat, SuperSuper, whose real name is Aman Sinha, told us that his favorite superheroes were Superman, because of “truth and justice,” and Captain America, “because he hates bullies.”

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When it comes to the eternal war existing between the universes of Marvel and DC, SuperSuper told us that MCU currently holds the upper hand because they started the cinematic universe faster than DC. Even though DC initially had the upper hand — with their animated universe, comics, games, etc — but they failed to launch the cinematic universe first. Even their execution was not that great, he said. After rebooting their universe, DC has fallen even more backward and will take another 6-7 years to catch up with MCU, said SuperSuper.

That being said, he said that everyone is excited about a number of upcoming movies from the first chapter of the DCEU reboot, Gods and Monsters. According to SuperSuper, fans are most excited about Superman Legacy, after filmmaker James Gunn said that it will depict the “real” Superman who champions ideals such as truth, justice, and kindness. Next, fans are also excited about Batman and the debut of his son, Damian Wayne.

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The death of Tony Stark, played by actor Robert Downey Junior, at the end of Avengers: Endgame, broke the hearts of millions of fans across the world. So naturally, we wanted to know if there was a possibility that we would be seeing Iron Man back on the big screen again. Fortunately, SuperSuper has a positive answer for that! He told us that before the Secret Wars happen in the MCU, Superior Iron Man, who is an evil version of Iron Man, makes an appearance. He is captured and questioned by other superheroes. So there is a chance that we might see RDJ back after all, not as a superhero but as a supervillain.

Although fans might not be as excited for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, SuperSuper predicts that the movie will be huge because Kang, the main villain of phases 4, 5, 6, and the Secret Wars in the MCU, will be seen for the first time in this movie.

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What about Marvel’s decision to bring X-Men’s Wolverine in Deadpool 3? SuperSuper says there are so many “layers of awesomeness” in this that it’s hard to comprehend the impact the movie might have in the MCU. All that remains to be seen is if the movie will tie in with Marvel’s cinematic universe or remain an individual entity.

DCEU has chosen James Gunn and Peter Safran to reboot their cinematic universe. But according to SuperSuper, they had better choices of directors who have given them fan-favorite movies in the past, like Zack Snyder. If that was the case then there would have been no backlash among DCEU fans, like it’s there in the current scenario.

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