Moriah Mills, adult film star NBA player Zion Williamson allegedly had an affair with, went on a lengthy rant on Twitter after claiming that he got her Snapchat account deleted.

Several social media users claimed that their Snapchat videos have been leaked on Twitter and Reddit. However, that is not the case. Mills did share a few screenshots of their alleged conversations.

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In one of her tweets, Moriah Mills said that the New Orleans Pelicans player has a ‘sex addiction’ and wanted to have a threesome.

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“You said you was so proud I was a boss f girl that makes her own bread that has. Her own Lambo and motion and that you didn’t want me to do regular porn anymore because of are relationship. that has. and you let some bum bm flex in your rr truck @Zionwilliamson that most likely had a 🅿️ from what the streets is saying this is a bad look !! You’ll never be curry or lebron you a freak I thought I was you only freak you have a serious problem and need rehab for sex addiction,” Mills said in one tweet.

Moriah Mills first spoke about her alleged affair with Zion Williamson after the latter posted his and girlfriend Ahkeema’s baby gender reveal video.

“Thank you 🙏 God for blessing my family with an addition 👶🏽we will give her unconditional love, guidance, protection & a family we are so grateful for #babywilliamson ♥️💜,” Ahkeema captioned her Instagram post. They are having a daughter.

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Ahkeema appeared to address Mills’ initial tweets, by sending out a subtweet: “Happy hoes ain’t hating and hating hoes ain’t happy.”

To this, Mills responded, “You not on my level mah believe that.”