If you think that COVID-19 has taken a toll on your mental health, you are not alone. The coronavirus pandemic-induced restrictions have locked us inside our homes and left many of us feeling lonely, anxious, stressed or even depressed. To make you feel better, here are some ways that can help you stay positive and hopeful during these tough times.

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1. Socialise

Yes, we can't meet people physically. But at least we can try and reach out to our loved ones virtually and stay connected. It's always better to have a hard conversation than nothing at all. Whenever you feel a little low, call or face time your family/friends and open up about your emotions.

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2. Be grateful

If COVID has not touched you yet, you are probably the lucky one. Even if it has and you recovered, it's time to be grateful for your health. Say out loud or write the five things that you’re grateful for. 

3. Stick to a routine

If days and nights have become roughly equal to you, distract yourself and make a routine. Plan your whole day and start working on a new project. Anything you like. It can be creating new art, exercising, studying, cooking etc.

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4. Accept things as they are

As all of us know, we can't escape reality. Situations are getting worse but being hopeful and following COVID-19 protocols are the only ways in which we can defeat the pandemic. Also, accepting your bad feelings and negative emotions will eventually give you the power to deal with difficulties.