Recently, the video of a man making rasgulla chaat with sev, yogurt, and chutney went viral. Well, now a food blogger visited the shop to try the weird combination. On Instagram, she posted a video of herself tasting the Tikki rasgulla chaat for the first time.

A popular Lucknow food blogger, Anjali Dhingra from ‘So Saute’, tried the Tikki rasgulla chaat and filmed her reaction. The video has got over 84,000 views.

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You need to watch the video to know if she liked the combination or not.

The popular video starts with the blogger standing outside the shop serving the Tikki rasgulla chat. She is showing a plate loaded with yogurt, tamarind sauce, mint sauce, laden over the sweets. Garnished with bhujia, boondi, and more, the food blogger proceeds to take a bite of the chaat.

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Although she didn’t say much about the experimental street food, her expression said it all. She looked disappointed and continued to tell the viewers that she paid Rs 140 for it. She concluded the video by saying “Never Again”.

The video caption asked, “What is your favorite street meal”.

She started the video by calling the dish a “weird combination”, people are wondering why she dared to even try it.

Many users expressed their disappointment with this bizarre food combination.

A user wrote, “I can see the disappointment in her face. Please don’t do anything gibberish with such an authentic sweet”.

 “Ek bangali k dil ko bahut chout pouchi,” another user wrote.

Many sweet lovers asked that such experiments should be stopped immediately while some said that such dishes are created just for internet fame.

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Anjali Dhingra informed that if anyone is interested or brave enough to try this dish, it was available at VV Puram food street stall, Bengaluru.

From Maggi Milkshake to Oreo Pakoras and Butter Chicken Golgappa, there has been no shortage of bizarre food combinations this year, leaving foodies with a bad aftertaste.