A human body consists of 60% of water. Almost all organs in our body need to have proper regulation water. Summer, as hot as this one, brings a challenge to keep the body hydrated to carry nutrients and oxygen to the blood. From chewing to digestion and excretion all the body processes’ efficiency depends on hydration. Water, with all its qualities, may not be enough to provide your body with enough fluid to stay hydrated. These 5 foods and drinks will help you remain rejuvenated and healthy.

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Fruit Water

Putting fruits like orange slices, lemon, strawberry chunks or mashed watermelon in your water bottle is a good way to keep the water level of the body on top. Drinking fruit water gives you a good amount of vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants to remain hydrated.


You can add spices like cumin (jeera) and fennel seeds (saunf) to your drinks as they have multiple health benefits. They not only keep the water level in your body high, but they also improve digestion and have anti-inflammatory qualities.

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Vegetable Juices

Blended vegetable juices are one of the most proven drink options in the summer. Blended vegetable juices increase potassium, vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants in the body and also keep the blood sugar level maintained.

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Soups have been part of human food culture for ages. Both warm and cold soups bring a lot to the table. You can take cucumber and tomato soups to keep yourself hydrated and to elevate the fiber intake in the body. Fiber helps the digestion process while lack of water in the body can cause multiple stomach-related issues.

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Fresh Drinks

No one can write off traditional drinks especially in summer when the body needs a lot of water for optimal function. Kanji, bael sharbat, raw mango sharbat, sattu, and ragi kanji are ideal drinks in hot weather. These drinks increase immunity and keep the body’s minerals fulfilled.