Of all the products made from coconut, coconut cream is considered the most difficult. But here is an easy way to make coconut cream.

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It has two methods, one traditional and a way simpler method. The recipe is gluten-free and works for those who are lactose intolerant. Coconut cream can also be replaced with dairy products in many recipes. While making coconut cream, it is suggested to make it in a small quantity as it has a very little shelf life.

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Initially start making the cream with similar-sized coconuts to have an idea of how much you need.

Method 1:

Step 1- Extract coconut water from the coconut. You can extract the water by making holes in the coconut eyes using a screwdriver, nail, or any other sharp tool.

Step 2- Break the shell and extract the coconut flesh.

Step 3- Add the flesh to a high-speed blender/food processor and blitz to shred it. Now add four cups of water and blend again, you obtain coconut milk.

Step 5- Put the blended coconut milk through a milk bag and squeeze for the liquid to come out.

Step 6- Pour the obtained milk into a big jar and set it aside so that the cream and the watery liquid separate.

Step 7- Now separate the creamy part and drain the milk into a separate container. To make the cream thicker, refrigerate it overnight.

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Method 2:

In this method, the first two steps from Method one are the same, but when the flesh is scooped, separate it from the brown skin. Now pass the flesh pieces through a juicer. And we can see coconut cream coming out of the dispenser.

The coconut cream can be used immediately or can be stored in the refrigerator for three to four days.