India carried out a record number of 918,470 tests for COVID-19 on Wednesday, the Union Health Ministry said, PTI reported. Thus, the cumulative tests conducted so far has reached 32.6 million. 

“Although higher number of tests will push the positivity rate initially, but as the experience from several states and UTs has amply depicted, it will eventually lower when combined with other measures such as prompt isolation, effective tracking and timely clinical management,” the ministry said.

The positivity rate, that is the percentage of people who test positive for COVID-19 out of those who are tested, has fallen below 8%.

“As the national average falls below 8%, there are 26 states and UTs that are reporting lower rates than the national average,” the ministry said.

Expanded diagnostic lab network across the country and effective measures to facilitate easy testing have given a substantial boost to the present numbers.

There has been a steady rise in the national network of diagnostic labs too. With 977 labs in the government sector and 517 private labs, the lab infrastructure has been enhanced to 1,494 labs today.

The Tests Per Million (TPM) have seen a sharp increase to 23,668, it said. It continues to maintain a constant upward trend, the ministry added.

As on Thursday, India has reported 2,836,925 COVID-19 cases and 53,866 deaths.