World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14 every year to spread awareness on the requirement of safe blood products. Safe blood is a very important need during times of medical emergency and millions of lives are saved when it is delivered in a timely manner.

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History of World Blood Donor Day:

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian biologist and immunologist. He was known for his work of differentiating blood groups in 1900, which was responsible for the modern system of blood group classification. 

World Blood Donor Day was started by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on this day in 2004. In May 2005, WHO established the day with the 192 member states at the 58th World Health Assembly, to inspire all the nations across the world to show their gratitude to blood donors for their contribution in saving people’s lives.

The slogan that is carried out for this year’s World Blood Donor Day is “Give blood and keep the world-beating”. 

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The objective of 2021 World Blood Donor Day:

-To thank the donors and raise awareness of the need for unpaid and regular blood donation.

-To promote the values of blood donation in improving community solidarity and social unity.

-To encourage the youth to embrace the need to blood and motivate others to do the same