World Mental
Health Day has been observed on October 10 since 1992 when this day was
first recognized by the World Federation of Mental Health. The day is
internationally observed to raise awareness about mental health and spread
knowledge on the importance of addressing mental health issues. Every October,
thousands of supporters and volunteers gather to celebrate this awareness
program and try to bring attention to mental illnesses and their effects on people’s lives.

year, World Mental Health Day is following the theme ‘Make Mental Health and
Well-Being for All a Global Priority’ and marks the 30th year of
this observation.

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Mental Health Day was first celebrated by the initiative of Deputy Secretary
General Richard Hunter on October 10, 1992. Initially, the day was only aimed
at advocating mental health and educating the public about general mental
health issues. However, in 1994, Secretary General Eugene Brody suggested a
theme for the day. The theme was ‘Improving the Quality of Mental Health
Services throughout the World’. Since then, every year the day follows a new
theme in their awareness program.

The day
is observed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Federation for
Mental Health (WFMH), and its members in more than 150 countries.

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primary aim of World Mental Health Day is to create awareness about mental
health, its related issues, and its effects on people across the globe. The observation
attempts to reduce the stigma around mental illnesses and urge people to seek
therapy when needed. Mental health professionals also discuss their work and try
to reach people to help them with their issues.

In some
countries, this day is part of an entire week observed for the cause
such as Mental Health Week in Australia. 

The British government hosted the first-ever Global Mental Health Summit in 2018.