YouTuber Fousey had a confrontation with the police while live streaming Tuesday night, where he was caught cursing at the officers before taken in for a mental health evaluation.

The officers appeared to have entered his room at he InterContinental Miami hotel when Fousey was streaming on Kick. They patiently listened to him speak from the doorway as he kept yelling and gesturing wildly with his hands from another corner of the room. They then approached the YouTuber, cuffed him and removed his glasses from his head.

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Here is the video of the incident:

Another clip of his livestream also showed him screaming at a police dispatcher on the phone as someone from his team tried to get him to calm down. He told the dispatcher that someone was harassing him or even possibly even threatening to kill him. He also told the police that he had a gun pointed to his head in order to get the police to rush to his hotel.

When the police did eventually show up where he was, he called them “dumb as f**k.”

The Miami Police Department told TMZ that officers did not arrest Fousey but they were determined that he needed to be taken to the hospital for a mental health checkup. According to sources Fousey has been the victim of constant harassment, threats, and swatting. All of these might have taken its toll on the content creator.

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At least one other streamer was live at the time when Fousey was making claims of getting harassed and he told the dispatcher that the suspect was armed.

Fousey’s fans have been concerned about his mental health in the recent months. He shocked his fans when he said the n-word on a live stream marathon earlier this month as he rapped along to J. Cole’s ‘Love Yourz.’ Later on ‘TMZ Verified’ Podcast, Fousey told people he deeply regretted saying the racial slur. He also claimed that it was an accident.

He revealed earlier this month that his close friends and family wanted him to get a mental health evaluation that was why he was going to go visit a doctor.