While buying a budget laptop, the key is to pick the right
set of features and compromising in the areas that you do not have use of.

Here are some tips that will help you select the ideal
machine for you:

1. Find your needs and budget:

Deciding pre hand on your needs
is very helpful. Focus on your primary needs like portable form, good battery life, good internal
specifications, etc.

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2. Internal Specs:

Internal specifications is a
very important step. Getting the latest models is not a pocket friendly way. If
the lower versions help you complete your work then do not go for the latest
models. 8GB RAM is an ideal size for a budget. Files can be stored in an
external hard disk too but do not go lower than 1TB storage space.

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3. Battery Life:

Battery life is an important
need for your laptop no matter what your budget is. Without a good battery life
there is no portability in the laptop. A machine provides a minimum of 6 to 8
hours of battery life. If the laptop is for home use only then try to get 4 to
6 hours of battery life.