Elon Musk, chief executive officer (CEO) of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, initiated a start-up called Neuralink that mainly aims to help paralysed people use smart devices with their brains. It is currently developing implantable brain-machine interfaces to link a human brain to computers.

Here is all you need to know about Neuralink.

-Neuralink is a technology that would enable human brains to interact with machinery and control them by communicating through signals. It studies the pattern of human behaviour and predicts the move. 

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-To record electric signals in the brain, electrodes will be placed near the neurons, which would detect the action potential. Observation of many neurons helps to decode the information these cells represent.

-Neuralink to design the first neural implant. It would let humans control a smart device anywhere they go, as claimed by Neuralink. It would be made possible by using micron-threads that are inserted into brains, which would help threads link with an implant that is called the ‘Link. 

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-The Link consists of a neural thread and charger. Threads contain electrodes that detect neural signals. The charger is compact and connects with the implant wirelessly to charge from the outside. The threads on the Link are very fine and hard to be handled by a human hand. Hence, a robotic system will be built so that the threads can be inserted wherever needed.

-Neuralink’s initial goal was to help people with paralysis to use smart devices without any difficulty. But this technology also has the potential to treat some of the neurological disorders associated with sensory and movement.