There are many abandoned cities on Earth that have
been allotted as historic places. Many tour companies take the tourists through
these cities which have been taken over by the nature. Some of the places even
have an option of virtual tour as restrictions prevail due to safety reasons.

Here are 5 abandoned place one could visit:

Plymouth, Montserrat

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going to the Lesser Antilles may fly right past Plymouth, Montserrat,
and with good reason. This capital city was vacated in 1995 because of a
looming volcanic eruption. Two years later, Soufriere Hills volcano blew its
top, covering Plymouth in 40 feet of ash. Visits to the area are possible, but
it depends on safety levels since the volcano is still active. If the alerts
are too high, you can still take a boat tour.

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Kolmanskop, Namibia

was a happening town when the first diamond was found in the area. The city
started to see development. Casino, movie theatre, school, ice factory and many
other businesses had started operating. But as the diamond supply depleted,
people started to leave the area. Now, most of the buildings have sand tall
enough to cover your knees. Tours are typically available, but you do need a
permit to enter the area.


Bodie was one
of the growing towns in California. During the 1800s, there were 65 saloons in
the city. But it drew its last breath when the post office finally closed in
1942. The state of California turned the old ghost
town into a historic park in the early 1960s.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat was one
of the most affected places during the explosion of reactor number 4 of the
Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. 50,000 residents were forced to leave in 1986. The
radiation has fallen and guided tours take the visitors through the apartments,
amusement parks, and more.

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Fordlândia, Brazil

Fordlandia was an unsuccessful project of Henry Ford. It never came to be and was
eventually abandoned it in 1934. Ford planned to create a city in the middle of
the Amazonian jungle where the company would produce cheap rubber. The plan was
abandoned due to poor understanding of the ecological challenges.