Actor-turned-politician Mimi Chakraborty is “disgusted” after her iPhone gallery was purportedly wiped clean. The Trinamool Congress Member Parliament (MP) said she had lost 7000 pictures and 500 videos to the unexplained malfunction. “I don’t know what to do, cry or cry out loud,” Chakraborty, the Lok Sabha representative from West Bengal’s Jadavpur, said in a tweet tagging Apple, iPhone News and Apple Support for help. Chakraborty said several methods she had tried to retrieve the data “didn’t help. I feel disgusted.”

The 32-year-old first flaunted the iPhone 13 on her Instagram page back in September, just when the smartphone had been launched at a price of above Rs 1 lakh in India. The iPhone13 was among a range of iPhones and other products unveiled by Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook at the 2021 Apple event.

While several of Chakraborty’s Twitter followers suggested ways to retrieve the pictures and videos, others were critical of the post.

“Thousands forced to drop out of school, lost their jobs, are going hungry. But MP madam is only bothered about her pictures and videos,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I guess now you’ll find some time for people who are in need in your constituency,” wrote another.

Chakraborty won by a margin of 2,95,239 votes against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Anupam Hazra in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Trinamool’s other celebrity candidate Nusrat Jahan also posted a victory from the Basirhat Lok Sabha seat against BJP’s Sayantan Basu by 3,50,369 votes.

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In June, Chakraborty fell ill after she was reportedly tricked into taking a fake Covid vaccine shot by a man posing as an IAS officer.

The accused Debanjan Deb was arrested for setting up fake COVID vaccination camps where he would inject people with an antibiotic – Amikacin – without checking if they were allergic to any particular drugs.