Aindrila Sharma, a young Bengali actress who twice beat cancer, died on November 20. She experienced a brain stroke on November 1 and was subsequently taken to a hospital in Howrah, West Bengal. On the night of November 19, she had multiple heart attacks. Sharma took her final breath on November 20 at 12:59 a.m. after spending 20 days in the hospital.

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She was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in 2015 and underwent chemotherapy in Delhi before returning home in 2016. In 2021, Sharma was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her right lung. She recently recovered from cancer and resumed her acting career.

Who was Aindrila Sharma?

Aindrila Sharma, born on February 5, 1997, was a Bengali actress. In 2017, she made her television debut on the show “Jhumur.” She then appeared in several popular daily soaps, including ‘Jiyon Kathi,’ ‘Jibon Jyoti,’ and others.

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The 25-years-old actress was recently seen in the web series ‘Bhagar,’ in which she co-starred with her beau Sabyasachi Chowdhury. Since 2015, she has been in a relationship with writer and actor Sabyasachi.

Aside from these, Aindrila was recently seen as Anirban Chakraborti’s daughter in the Zee Bangla Cinema original film ‘Bhole Baba Par Karega.’ Sharma was also a model and a social media influencer.

She is the daughter of professional doctor Uttam Sharma and homemaker Shikha Sharma. Aindrila had survived cancer twice. Her doctors declared her cancer-free, and she returned to the entertainment world.

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Sharma received the Tele Academy Award for her contributions to the television industry and was nominated for the Bengali Leadership Award in 2022. The news of Aindrila’s death devastated her fans. Her followers have expressed their condolences on social media platforms.