They say animals are man’s best friends, but what they forgot to tell is that animals are great friends to each other as well. A video of a baby monkey and a goat, presumably best friends, eating berries together is now going viral on social media and undoubtedly it is the cutest thing you will find on the internet today.

Before we make our case, watch this adorable clip of a baby goat and baby monkey eating berries together in the woods.

In the video, we can see someone offering berries to a baby goat spotted at a distance. After seeing the berries baby goat runs towards the person. Up till here, the video seems like a normal human-animal interaction. 

But surprisingly, a cute baby monkey is clinging to the goat’s neck. As they come closer to the man, he holds out his palm full of berries. The goat, appearing friendly to the man, starts eating them one by one. But the little monkey seems a bit rattled and does not know what to do.

However, as he realises what his best friend is doing, the monkey too joins in and picks a berry and that’s the best part. After tasting the first berry, the monkey realises that it might want to have some more of those and for that he needs a more comfortable spot like his best friend’s back.

The baby monkey then climbs on top of the goat and relishes the berries. The video, which beautifully reflects the bond between the two animals has received more than 12 million views and 700.6 K likes and 138.1k retweets on Twitter. 

Social media users were quick to respond to this cute video and have posted lovely reactions on the four-legged best friends and their bond.

So, the video was originally shared on a YouTube channel ‘Animals Home’, which follows the adventures of a monkey named Bibi.