In order to streamline the distribution of oxygen to COVID-19 patients and to decongested Delhi’s burdened hospitals, the Arvind Kejriwal government has decided that any individual needing oxygen for home isolation can apply on a government website and receive a supply.

“Delhi Government says all persons requiring oxygen for home isolation can apply on with a valid photo ID, Aadhaar card details and COVID positive report,” reports ANI.

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Recorded as ‘top priority’, the drive will be monitored by district magistrates (DMs), who will ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to scrutinise all applications and act quickly as ‘time is of essence’, the order dated May 5 says.

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The DMs will identify dealers to distribute such cylinders quickly without people having to stand in long queues outside refilling centres.

Delhi is one of the worst-hit states in the second tidal wave of COVID-19. The city has been recording an average 20,000 cases daily and around 300 deaths. The city’s healthcare infrastructure is hugely burdened with hospitals complaining of shortage of oxygen.

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Social media platforms are flooded with cries of help with people seeking hospital beds, oxygen and medicines.