The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE lit up with the tricolour on Sunday showing its support for India amid the health crisis in the country due to COVID-19. 

In a video posted by the Embassy of India in the UAE, we can see the tall building coloured in saffron, white and green. 

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The embassy captioned the tweet, “As #India battles the gruesome war against #COVID19 , its friend #UAE sends its best wishes,” Burj Khalifa lights up in tricolour to show its support. 

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Currently, India is witnessing an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases. It has been reporting over 300,000 lakh cases daily and reported 2,767 deaths from COVID-19 on Sunday alone. 

There has been a major shortage of oxygen and medicines in its capital city New Delhi and other states. 

UAE and France would be offering oxygen assistance to India. Other countries the US, Germany, Britain have come forward in promising COVID aid and support for the country.